Pure Tennis

I’m a total tennis guru/nerd/connoisseur. Any and all tennis related talking points put me over the moon. I’ve played the game since I was six years old, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Competing high school tennis was one of the best parts of my four years at Dowling Catholic, and I will probably never live it down. I love that tennis is a life sport–play it when you’re five or play it when you’re fifty-five, and you’ll be just fine. Watching the majors on TV is almost a spiritual experience for me; I love the energy and the passion and the the level of competition. I could talk about all the wonderful moments I’ve had on court, near a court, or revolving around a court for hours, but my friends are sick of hearing me explode with excitement every ten minutes, so instead, I’m sharing here with you guys. Get ready for anything and everything tennis related. xx