Pure Gratitude

I’m a firm believer that experiences are always, always, always better than physical items. There’s no doubt about it–especially moments you share with those special people in your life. Whether there’s a vacation, a place, a specific moment, or a person that you love more than anything else, there is so much to be thankful for. I have a passion for reflecting on both the big and little things going on in my life, and I can’t help but let the sweet things fill me with joy. I have a certain type of appreciation for admiring the beautiful–whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, an aesthetically array of pillows lounging on a couch, a wrist full of bold bracelets, a local coffee shop’s interior decor, or a stunning sunset over the city. There’s a lot to be said for these typically unnoticed moments. I want to spark a movement of mindfulness for these experiences, places, sights, and thoughts. I want to create awareness that there is so much beauty around us, and it’s even better if we share it those we love. This isn’t a place for me to post a picture of every meal I share with a friend or every time I grab a coffee, but heck, if I’m feeling grateful for it, you’ll see it featured here. This isn’t about showing off or being trendy, this is about capturing the things and people that I not only love, but am beyond grateful for. Gratitude is beautiful. xx