Pure Fitness

What could be better than striving to be fit, fresh, and fun?! This is something very near and dear to my heart, as I’m constantly working on this part of my journey. Living a healthy life doesn’t mean looking “skinny” or “perfect,” it means working to be your best and making choices that will help get you there. I’ve worked with a nutritionist and I’ve trained with well educated coaches, so I have the knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle. I understand, though, that for many of us, doing this everyday can serve a big challenge. I’m here to share my story–which is still evolving–and ignite a community that strives to put its best foot forward as often as it can. Yielding to society’s pressures to look perfect is unrealistic and such a heavy burden. We’re doing this for us, not them, and we will be so much happier with the reward. xx