Happy Days


Did Christmas even happen?! I can’t be sure; it went so fast.

But here’s something I am sure of:

It can be really hard to admit that we are struggling. Especially when we’re right in the middle of it. It’s much easier to look back and say, “Oh yeah, I had a tough week last April, but I’m better because of it now!”

I wish that we were better to each other. Social media has made it too easy to create a profile that is nothing close to who we actually are or what we’re really going through. Instead, we get the vacations and nice dinners and game day snapshots and family celebrations and nights out and just more of the same—all of the highs.

Where’s the reality? Where’s the authenticity?

Five days ago I melted into a puddle and cried to my mom (with Princess Leia buns on my head, thank you very much) because I was feeling like I don’t I fit into my hometown anymore. Plus, I had also been struggling with eating healthy, clean foods in the weeks leading up to the holidays which always messes with my overall well-being. It had all been building for a while and finally spewed out in an event that resulted in me laying on the bathroom floor crying like an emotional, irrational five year old.

What I loved about talking about this stuff, though, is that it no longer held power over me. I defined it and confined it. Being vulnerable isn’t weak or stupid or demeaning; it’s something that we really, really, really need to practice more regularly. The strongest people can face the music—even when it’s uncomfortable and scary.

That is something that I want to work on it 2018. I found myself in a valley before Thanksgiving (missing home, sick as a dog, lonely, doubtful, etc), so in an attempt to do something—anything—to get out of my negative mindset, I made a list of words that describe my ideal life. I ended up with genuine, wholesome, healthy, kind, faithful, thoughtful, beautiful, and blissful. Then I made a veryyyyyy long list of things someone would do if they were living that life.

When I went back to Dallas after Thanksgiving break, I started doing some of the things from that list. And guess what—I saw major improvements in almost every area of my life. I really couldn’t believe it. This is something I have always known but was reinforced by this experience: We are in charge of our own happiness and well-being. We can either be self-destructive—sometimes unintentionally—or we can build ourselves a life that we’re proud of.

Of course, there are always going to be things that we can’t control / events that shake our world, but we have a plethora of choices that can make even the worst situations a little better. And if we take the time to truly listen to the people around us and actually ask how they’re doing, it will be a little easier on us all. xx

What are your words—what does your ideal life look like? What are your goals—how can you get there?


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