When The Head and the Heart releases a new song, you listen. And when The Head and the Heart makes you feel all kinds of crazy reflective thoughts about your first semester of college coming to an end, you embrace it. These are just things we do.

[Thanks to John Russell for writing & sharing this beaut; thank you for writing and sharing “Alabama.” It’s been on repeat for hours, and I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon.]

This picture is extremely low quality, but I think it’s one of my all time favs that I’ve ever taken. It symbolizes a moment I know I’ll never forget.

I wasn’t necessarily super ready to come back home for Christmas break today—hadn’t we just gotten back from Thanksgiving? Barely two weeks back in Dallas and it’s time to uproot again? I mean… I’m definitely not complaining that finals are behind us, but I could’ve gone for another week or two or four of life in Texas.

Having said that, the moment that I saw this landscape out the plane window, time stopped. Everything froze. This view literally took my breath away. I don’t think many people would call the suburbs of Des Moines, Iowa (as pictured) breathtaking or gorgeous.

But to me, this picture screams home. This picture screams wholesome living and genuine people. It screams authenticity and love. I had forgotten how rural the midwest truly is and how natural, under appreciated, and serene it is, as well.

So now I can say with full confidence and assurance that it’s good to be home. It’s never felt so right. It’s good to be back in the place where it all began—the dreaming, the writing, the loving. Everything.

Des Moines, I love you. xx


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