1soup1 // The cutest study space at Toasted Coffee + Kitchen //

3 // If the fluff ball on the top of your hat isn’t almost as big as your head, are you doing it right? //

4 // Much needed study break at Nektar //

5 // Studying’s sweeter with these sweet gals next to me //

Finals week has arrived, y’all! With that said, there’s a lot of stressful things going on right now. There’s the death of a student from my high school, there’s the burden of finals, there’s the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there’s the busy “to-do list” that everyone seems to have, and I could go on. It’s a busy time. It always is. So I’m not going to talk about those things. Instead, here’s a list of things I’m grateful for these days.

– The weather in Dallas finally resembles the holiday season – I know I’m supposed to love the warm southern weather, but I’m welcoming this cold front with open arms (see giant-fluff-ball-hat-pic above).

– I haven’t had classes this entire week, so this four day weekend-in-the-middle-of-the-week has been much appreciated.

– That said, I have basically lived in coffee shops the past week. Which is my favorite place to be and favorite thing to do. Yo girl is living on cloud nine.

My favorite playlist has been getting me through the studying grind. This playlist in general just deserves a shoutout – thanks to all the brilliant artists that make this possible.

– My roommate sold me on moisturizing my eyes every night before bed to prevent wrinkles. Yes, you read that correctly. Think about it… with all the harsh chemicals in makeup remover and makeup itself, our eyes are dry and sensitive. So I’m grateful for soft and healthy eyes this week. Rejuvenate them, y’all!!

– Speaking of my roommate, I’m grateful that we both decided to be extra enough to deck the halls in our room. I’m talking two Christmas trees, extra sparkly lights, balloons that spell out “BE MERRY,” and last but not least… we wrapped our door. Yep. Very extra, very festive, but very fun to live with.

– I’m thankful that I live in a place where it’s not only acceptable, but normal, to say “y’all.” It’s easier, and it’s more fun. It’s safe to say that it’s been added to my vocabulary arsenal.

– As always, I’m extremely grateful to be at my dream school. Walking around campus, spending time with people from all the country, and living in this incredible city… there are so many times that I can’t believe it’s real.


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