As of Late

1 // Gorgeous courtyard after brunch at Bread Winners (more on brunch later… it deserves its own post). //

2 // Love when the leaves fall!!!!!! JK. There is none of that in Dallas. I miss fall. //

3 // Always smiling #trademark //

4 // A spooky bouquet for the room because we’re #festive in 338. #whyamihashtaggingsomuch #oops //

5 // Thankful for my girl //

7 // Sometimes I question whether this is my life or not—living in this incredible city. This was one of those moments. //

8 // View post-Fashion Industry Gallery visit. I got to see a family friend in a building filled with incredible clothes, ideas, and people, and it was one of the best days of the past three months. Seeing people I love in my new home is one of my most favorite things. //

// And if I’m not smiling… I’m winking 😉 //

// Another one of the best days this whole semester: getting back on court. I forgot the pure BLISS I feel when I’m out there. //


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