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Meet Halycon. I had heard such good things about this place from so many random people that I knew I had to give it a try. The coffee shop connoisseur in me had to test the waters, plus I had passed it about five different times on my way to and from restaurants (and Trader Joes—live, love, Trader Joes).

It’s a really groovy little place. It started down in Austin, and now there are multiple locations scattered throughout Texas. I’ve been to this spot multiple times and am always really pleased when I leave. They’re open until midnight everyday, and they have a full kitchen + bar + coffee menu. Plus they have table side s’mores and big board games, so what more is there to want? (Another unrelated thing that makes me love it more: the song “Halcyon” by the Paper Kites is A1, and when a coffee shop shares the same name… it’s just bound to be good).

Sometimes I just need to get away from campus. There’s something about college kids being everywhere you turn that can get a little annoying/overwhelming/suffocating at times. An uber ride later and here I am—problem solved. Thank goodness for coffee shops like this. I’ve been exploring a lot in the past month, so get ready for some more DTX adventure posts. xx

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