Deep Ellum

1 // A “Hot Mess” at Pecan Lodge. It’s been voted the best BBQ place in all of Dallas—multiple years in a row—so we wanted to try it out. The Hot Mess consists of a sweet potato stuffed with barbacoa, cheese, green onion and topped with chipotle sour cream. It was most definitely worth the hour long wait to even get into the restaurant and order—and if that’s coming from someone that gets hangry extremely easily, you know it’s actually worth it. //

2 // Although we didn’t stop at Emporium Pies, aka one of the best pie joints in the area, I had to snap a pic during the hour long (!!) wait at Pecan Lodge. //

3 // Peep that skyline!! I’m such a city girl. Anytime I see a cityscape, my heart flutters a bit. //

4 // So obviously if I’m within a ten mile radius of a local coffee shop, I’m going to try it out… This place, Drugstore Cowboy, hit the spot. The coffee was delish—I would 10/10 recommend. //

Anna Rose
Anna Ros
Anna Ro
Adventure !!!!!

With a big city calling my name, it only makes sense to go explore the crap out of it. That’s just my nature. I had heard a lot about Deep Ellum but had never actually been until last Friday. Here are some of the things I had heard from multiple people:

“It’s a really cool, trendy place.” {True.}
“It’s a place where people that think they’re hipsters go to take picture with murals and art.” {True. Unless you’re actually a real hipster like me.} {Jokes.}
“There’s a ton of great restaurants scattered throughout Deep Ellum.” {True.}
“Don’t go there by yourself or without a guy past 7 or 8 at night.” {True. While I wasn’t there at night, I can see why people say this.}

Deep Ellum is an art/entertainment district in eastern Dallas that’s grown a lot in the past decade or so. There are countless things to do, places to eat, and murals to take pics by—high school girls, I’m talking to you :).

I want to document my experiences / adventures / discoveries in Dallas on the blog, so here’s my first post capturing my adventure taking on the city. I will definitely be back to Deep Ellum, if not just to photograph as much of the art as possible. xx


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