The Coolest People I Know: Rani Vestal


Describe yourself in three words.
Expressive. Passionate. Thoughtful.

Where’s home for you?

I moved several times growing up and now live at school for most of the year (I spend summers + holidays at my dad’s). I have learned not to associate home with places but, instead, with people. So, home is wherever I am comfortable and confident that I can reach those who are close to me.

Explain some of your passions (because I know there are many).
I am passionate about art. I express myself through various media and find that the creative process helps me develop and grow intellectually. Cooking and baking are also passions of mine. While kitchens equip us to nourish ourselves, they are also enterprising in their ability to foster relationships among people cooking and eating together. Yet, I am most passionate about relationship building. While mentorship sometimes establishes power differentials, relationship building equalizes both parties in their needs and interests.

You just landed in a beach chair on a tropical vacation. What song are you listening to?
Easy. “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance. Singer-songwriter spirit mixed with electronic beats. Positively melancholy. Perfect for a modern millennial beach vacay.

What’s an important quality you desire in your friendships?
Confidence. This quality is captivating and attractive. My closest friends are go-getters and encourage me to be one, too. There is no competition between us. We’re confident in ourselves. Therefore, we’re eager to motivate each other to achieve more and live fuller.


There’s something nerve-racking about moving across the country and wondering if you’ll meet anybody that loves the same things as you. That fear instantly dissipated when I met sweet Rani. A lover of all things beautiful, this girl glows from the inside out. I’m fortunate that I landed in her territory of authority in our dorm, as she’s my RA. But more than that, she’s become a great friend, and she’s become home. I hope you everyone finds their own Rani. xx


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