As of Late

1 // Greenville Avenue… I will be back for you. //

2 // When the cousins come to town >>> //

3 // Sometimes you just need to get away from campus and read your favorite book for a bit. //

4 // Rainy weather calls for my FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING, aka my red SMU rain jacket. //

5 // I am so incredibly blessed to walk on this gorgeous campus every single day. I’m not going to let a day slip by where I don’t appreciate its beauty. //

6 // Gameday, gameday, gameday!!!! The Stangs are 4-1, can you believe it?! //

This is the call before the storm. This is the break before all of my classes slowly and painfully hit me one by one—all at the same time.

I didn’t know it was possible to love a class as much as I love Intro to Creativity course. As you can possibly imagine, it was designed for someone like me, and I feel like all of my gifts are finally put to use now. One of our ongoing assignments is to create and maintain a creative blog for the class. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use Pure Bliss, but that’s okay because it’s forcing me to step outside of my normal circle. I’ll be sharing the link to the site as soon as I officially turn in the blog, so be on the lookout come December (because I’m sure my creative blog will be the #1 thing on your mind during the holiday season). More updates to come, but for now, ya girl AR is living the dream in DTX! xx


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