Thoughts on Comparison

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There’s this thing that never really goes away, no matter how old, young, cool, successful, or intelligent you are. No matter where you live, who you’re around, or what you’re doing. And that thing is comparison.

It’s really easy to look around and say, “I’m not as X, Y, and Z as her.”

“I don’t look like her.”
“I’m not as skinny as her.”
“I don’t have that expensive bag or those designer clothes.”
“I’m not as good as her.”
“Boys don’t want me like they want her.”
“I’m not pretty enough.”
“I don’t fit in.”
“I’m not stylish / fit / cool enough.”

It’s natural to look around and think these things. Until you realize that most people busy looking and thinking the same things. So… just do you. You do you!! Own your struggles, own your obstacles, own your triumphs, own your flaws, own your beauties, own your passions. It’s a lot easier to walk around and be comfortable in your own skin than to feel like you’re drowning in a pool where you’ll never be able to catch your breath.

If you can go to bed every night and be proud of the way you acted and treated other people that day, it shouldn’t matter what others think of you or how others’ successes compare to your own.

We each have our own goals and our own agendas. No two people will ever walk the exact same path… We are all so different—which is incredible. It’s up to you to focus on you own plans and propel yourself forward while being a kind, genuine person. Or maybe you want to be a grinch—I’m not sure (but that would be sad—don’t be a grinch). Moral of the story: it doesn’t matter how you stack up against the rest. What really matters is how you stack up against your ideal version of yourself. xx


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