The 515

1// What’s not to love? //

2// A wonderful human and a wonderful excursion //

3// Didn’t expect to find another side of DSM that I love two days before moving //

4// My lovely lady that’s also moving down south… Pony Up or Roll Tide? You tell me //

5// The last supper at the best spot—I’ll miss you, Centro //

6// The final Farmer’s Market & JJ’s endeavor for the season //

7// Not that we’re counting… but only seven Sunday’s until we’re reunited! //

8// This pocket of downtown just needs to be appreciated for a moment //

9// Love, love, love this lighting //

10// Black Cat all day, friends. All day. //

12// It’s a yes from me //

11// Pure Bliss //

If you know me, you know that I love Des Moines. I love, love, love it. Probably because it’s been home for eighteen years, probably because it’s the only city I’ve gotten the chance to truly explore, probably because I’ve met some pretty rad people in it, probably because I’ve found home in so many places here, and probably a combination of all of the above.

There’s so much to look forward to, and I couldn’t be more excited for the move to Dallas. My journey at SMU has a lot in store; I can feel it. It’s crazy that college has always been one of the biggest checkmarks I’ve set for myself—it’s been a destination for as long as I can remember—and it’s insane that now it’s actually here.

Even with all the positives ahead, I think it’s normal to wobble a bit as I walk through all of the “lasts” and “goodbyes,” especially since I chose a school where I don’t know a soul (at least, in a super personal way—yet). It’s not everyday that you pack up your life and move across the country. It’s a bold ambition; it’s a big step. And I’m thrilled. I’ve dreamt of making this leap since I was a little dear. And Tuesday is the day I’m doing it! Woop woop!

With that being said… I am going to miss Des Moines a lot. I’m going to miss downtown coffee runs to Horizon Line (!!), Scenic Route, Java Joes, Smokey Row, I’m going to miss drives & jams & chats with my best friends, I’m going to miss the comfort of coming “home,” and I’m going to miss being in a community that I know like the back of my hand. There’s a lot of good here. And there’s so much more good to come out of this place.

I realize that I’m not dying; these goodbyes aren’t forever. They will make coming home that much sweeter—they will make Des Moines that much more full of life and wonder and love. I get the opportunity that not many people are fortunate enough to grasp—whether out of fear, financial, or other reasons—and I get to do it with a wonderfully supportive family and set of pals. I am so grateful for that. I get to run after my dream with hope and passion, and if I’m being honest, a little bit fear. That is something so few people actually get to do, and I’m so, so grateful.

Des Moines… you’ve been good to me. You will be missed so, very much. But Dallas is calling, and I really can’t say no. I’ll see you soon, 515. xx


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