Hinterland 2017: Unforgettable

Yesterday entailed a night of magic and awe and wonder. I still can’t fully wrap my mind around what happened. A dream come true—seeing The Head and the Heart in concert. This festival holds a special place in my heart, as every time I’ve ventured down to St. Charles, Iowa for the Hinterland Music Festival, I’ve been in the company of extremely special people. Instead of searching to find the words to explain the pure bliss of last night, here’s an inside look at the entire day leading up to, during, and after the event. xx

1// Because all good things begin with lunch, right?! Starting the day off on the right foot with these lovely ladies. //

2// There are few things more fun, more carefree, and more entertaining than getting ready with girlfriends. //

3// I was so beyond excited that I just had to take a selfie, it was non-negotionable. //

4// Aaaaand we’re ready to go!!! //

5// Walking in… because yes, we had to document absolutely everything about this night. //

6// I can’t remember the last time I was this ecstatic or nostalgic to be somewhere. What a moment. //

7// Forever loving the boxed water at Hinterland. //

8// Slowly but surely making our way to the front of the crowd—the bliss was real. Don’t you just love taking selfies in overpopulated, crowded areas?!? Gotta do what you gotta do, though!! //

9// That tree… that tree gets me. I love it. I always have and I always will. I turned around from the front of the crowd and saw this wondrous sight—chill inducing, no doubt. //

10// I still don’t believe this was real. They were right there, and we were right there… Not to be dramatic, but that was definitely one of the best hours of my life. I freaked out a little bit more than the average person when they took the stage. And let me tell ya—they slayed. I couldn’t believe that this was real, and I still can’t believe it happened, or that it’s—sadly—over. //

11// And that was a wrap. I wouldn’t have wanted to experience that magic with anyone else by side—s/o Julia and Olivia for putting up with me and for enhancing the entire shindig. //

For anyone that’s curious, here’s the setlist they played. For such a short performance, it hit almost everything I hoped they’d cover (“10,000 Weight in Gold” would’ve been killer, but everything else was so good that I can’t complain). The bolded songs are the ones that absolutely took my breath away (so basically all of them, but you know).

“All We Ever Knew”
“City of Angels”
“Rhythm and Blues”
“Another Story”
“Let’s Be Still”
“Lost In My Mind”
“Winter Song”

“Sound Like Hallelujah”
“Down In the Valley”
“Rivers and Roads”

**This was a different level of amazing. Just had to clarify, because it was insane. I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to listen to that song again… that’s how impactful and unexplainable it was.


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