Dear The Head and the Heart


Dear Jon, Charity, Kenny, Chris, Tyler, Matty & Josiah:

I can’t really believe that tomorrow you will be in Iowa–the greatest place in the world (no bias at all there, obviously). As I’ve mentioned before on the blog in full detail, you guys are my favorite. You really, truly are. As a lover of many genres and countless artists, you guys most definitely take the cake–by far. It’s a no brainer. There’s something about you guys.

I’ve written about this before, but I want you guys to truly understand how significant and important this performance at Hinterland will be for me.

This is the end of a big chapter of my life. My first year of college is just on the horizon in only a little less than two weeks (please give me a second as I recover from the reality of that statement, as it means moving away from literally all of my friends and family). Your music has been such a big part of this season of my life, and I can’t express or recount how many times it’s helped me through something. Your lyrics are something from a different level; they are incredible. Lines like, “Well I packed my bags for the road, I grabbed my hat ‘cause it’s time, yes, time is marching on,” and “Been talking bout the way things change,” and “I’ll miss you someday, I’ll miss you someday, I’ll miss you someday,” and “You are in the seat beside me, you are in my dreams at night,” and “I am on my way back to where I started,” and “I wish it was all a dream,” and “I know sometimes you get so caught in a dream, but it’s time to wake up from this, it’s time to make up for it” speak to me so, so much. Especially at this point in time.

In my head (and in my heart!), seeing you guys tomorrow, on August 4th, marks the end of this chapter for me. I’ll be there smiling, laughing & crying with my best friends beside me as we wrap up this time and these past 18 years. I want to thank you guys for bringing your music to Iowa–it’s quite honestly a dream come true. And this timing… I don’t think there could be anything more perfect than that.

I’ll be there in the front row, best friends (and tissues) in hand; you better expect it.

xxAnna Rose Corell


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