The Head and the Heart


Sooo there’s this band called The Head and the Heart. And over the past four years, they’ve 100% captured my head and my heart. I was just a wee little freshman when a dear friend introduced them to me, and I’ve been obsessed exploring their music ever since. And when I say obsessed, I’m really not joking… I’m guilty of watching entire filmed concerts on youtube… on more than one occasion… And as I’ve watched, and as I’ve listened, I think the thing that keeps me coming back time and time again is the honesty in their lyrics. If anything, they’ve inspired me to do the same: to write honestly. Nothing beats a genuine piece of writing, whether it’s lyrics or simply just a few sentences strung together.

Ask me any question about this band, and I bet you money I would know the answer. I’ve spent way more time than reasonable/acceptable/normal watching their interviews, reading articles about them, and listening to their music. I think that their music videos give a good glimpse of who they are, both as a band and as individuals, but their acoustic performances are what draw me in so much. They’re so honest and raw, and you can so evidently see the passion they have for music and for each other. They’re insanely talented and share that over and over again with their concerts and videos. My favorites are their Rivers and Roads, Down In the Valley, and Winter Song acoustics (I also love their van sessions… they’re lighthearted and full of personality). Aside from the Rivers & Roads classic, some of my top fav tracks are Another Story, Sounds Like Hallelujah, Cats & Dogs, 10,000 Weight in Gold, Winter Song, and Library Magic—although, I have yet to come across a The Head and the Heart song that I dislike.

I’ve been waiting for so, so long to see them in concert that it feels like a small eternity. Freshman year me spent hours researching where they were touring and when they would be nearby, but they never really came close to Des Moines. They were still always my favorite, favorite, favorite, nonetheless. The fact they didn’t tour near DSM made it even more of a bucket list item to see them perform. I will never forget the day in March, this year, when I found out they’re coming to the Hinterland Music Festival in St. Charles, Iowa—one of my favorite venues. I hard core freaked out, and as the concert day approaches, it’s safe to say I haven’t calmed down about it much.

Their lyrics are oh-so honest and relatable, and as awfully cheesy as it sounds, their music has been a constant in my life through the high school years. As I get ready to set off for college, it feels absolutely perfect in every way that I get to see them perform LIVE in IOWA with my BEST FRIENDS TEN DAYS before I move to Texas… I really don’t think it gets much better than that. Until August 4th, I will continue fangirling like no other. xx


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