One of my ultimate bucket list items got ticked off the list last night… I saw OneRepublic in concert (!!!). This might not sound like a big deal or like it’s worthy of being at the top of a bucket list, but I can assure you that it was, indeed, a big deal, and it was worth every penny, every mile driven, and every year I waited for this event. I can remember sitting in the living on Christmas morning about seven years ago, googling and researching OneRepublic’s tour dates and locations, because I wanted to trade all of my gifts for concert tickets. Unfortunately, Santa doesn’t operate like that, so I was forced to wait and hope that they’d A) tour again and B) perform somewhere near Des Moines.

Not only were they stopping near Des Moines last night (Kansas City is a pretty slick drive), they were debuting their new tour! It couldn’t have more exciting. It wasn’t just a concert; it was an experience—it was everything I’d been waiting for for 5+ years. I couldn’t stop smiling, getting goosebumps, or trying not to bump into the person next to me as I danced like a (semi) crazy woman. There’s nothing like knowing every single song at a concert, and I was ecstatic with their set list. No matter where you were in that arena, you were bound to have a grand time. They were incredible live, and their lighting and set design were impeccable. Plus, they had the best possible opening acts: James Arthur and Fitz & The Tantrums.

Fun fact: The lead singer, Ryan Tedder, is actually a full time songwriter and producer. OneRepublic is technically just a “side gig” for him… That’s pretty insane, if you ask me. Tedder’s extremely talented with words and has written hits like Halo (Beyonce), Rumour Has It (Adele), Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis), and Burn (Ellie Goulding). Not to mention he’s responsible for OneRepublic’s success with lyrics. Most of the band’s songs are about living life to the fullest and loving as much as possible. It was a night I will never forget… Absolutely incredible. For anyone that’s as big of a OneRepublic dork as I am, here was their *a-mazing* setlist. Bolded songs were my favorites, and italicized songs are Tedder’s creations.

Stop and Stare
Good Life
Wherever I Go
Feel Again
Halo (Beyonce cover)
Happier (Ed Sheeran cover)

Come Home
I Lived
Let’s Hurt Tonight
All the Right Moves
Spanish Guitar Medley
No Vacancy
Rich Love (new song coming out soon)
If I Lose Myself

Counting Stars
Rumour Has It (Adele cover)
Love Runs Out


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