The Fourth of July


There’s a magic about the Fourth of July that I will never be able to forget or shake off (despite Taylor Swift’s efforts). It’s a pretty big deal to the country, and it’s also a big deal to my family, too. It’s one of the few times that everyone is all together and that we get to hang out as the entire fam. No matter where anyone is at—Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, California, Pennsylvania, soon to be Texas—everyone finds their way to Minocqua, Wisconsin to celebrate. The Fourth of July is our Christmas; it’s a special holiday. Even though all of us cousins have grown up and everything has changed, on the Fourth, it’s like everything is still the same.

It’s a joy to spend time with family and to be in such a beautiful place in the heat of the summer. There were so many moments yesterday that sound too perfect to be real—and at times I questioned if it really was the Fourth or if I was dreaming. Eating and drinking in the cutest town as the parade struts down the main street, enjoying the annual feast on the front lawn, watching the fireworks from the middle of the lake in the pontoon, and ending the night belting out the lyrics to classic songs around the campfire… all with the best company? Some of it sounds too good to be true, but it was very real, indeed. I’m so thankful for this holiday, for the family traditions, and for some of my favorite people in the whole world. xx


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