The Happiest Running

13// The most beautiful venue to wake up to //

I wouldn’t consider myself a huge runner. I go for jogs maybe once a week, but I don’t do it religiously, I don’t have an overwhelming passion for it, and I get tired at a quick (read: embarrassing) rate. With all that in mind, there’s absolutely no way that I could stop myself from enjoying jogs every morning in northern Wisconsin. The trees are stunning, the light dances between the leaves, and the water peeks out behind the greenery every so often. Running in scenic places makes it that much less of a chore—it’s an adventure. The road twists and turns, and there’s the perfect amount of hills to make it a challenging/rewarding jog while still being a leisurely wake up call. I come back from the workout every morning feeling invigorated, blissful, and ready to soak up as much of the day as I can. I couldn’t be more grateful for the past few A.M. endeavors, and I look forward to squeezing in as many more runs as possible in the northern woods. xx


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