Up North

1// One of my favorite annual views in WI //

You know you’re in your family’s vacay home when you get there and are immediately swallowed by the familiarity of family and home, even though you’re over seven hours away from where you live. Within 45 minutes of stepping foot in the northern woods, three of my cousins and I were out on a run through the beautiful woods. It’s honestly surreal, the beauty of this place. Even though there’s a lot of things I would rather do than run when it comes to working out, there is no other place on this Earth (that I’ve adventured yet, at least) that makes me love it so much. There’s something about the way the trees move and invite you in that makes it exhilarating. I love, love, love it and was ecstatic to start the week off in Wisconsin with a jog through the trees.

One of my favorite things about my childhood was sitting around the living room in the Wisconsin lakehouse playing games and telling stories with all the cousins and aunts and uncles. If you could measure the amount of laughter exhaled in a life time, it’s safe to say that nearly 75% of my overall total has been expended in that room—there’s just something about it. On the first night up here this year, there we all were, sitting around the fire as we played a “game” (AKA tortured each other by eating disgusting flavored jelly beans). It felt right to be laughing our butts’ off together, even though it was sparked by someone suffering through a ‘sour milk’ or ‘dead fish’ jelly bean. It’s crazy how even though everything has changed over the years as we’ve grown up, when we’re in that living room together, everything is still the same. And that’s why I love the lake so darn much. xx


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