How to Have the Best Night In

Do you ever find yourself needing a break from the regular flow of social plans and schedules? Obviously I love people, but sometimes I have to enjoy a night all by myself and all for myself. If you don’t take time to do the things you love and enjoy them as much as you can, the monotony and business of summer can quickly under or overwhelm you. Instead of just dreaming about the day I waltzed around the kitchen in a swanky dress with groovy tunes on in the background, I actually did it. And you know what, I loved every single minute of it. Here’s how I had the best night to myself and how it can easily become your go-to solo date night. xx

Step 1: Put on one of your favorite dresses. Don’t hesitate or question it, just do it. It will make everything else feel more fun/special/cool. As you’re getting ready, think about what you want to make for din–what are you in the mood for? 

Step 2: Make a list of needed ingredients and run to the store to compile your arsonal. 

Step 3: Crank up one of your favorite playlists on full blast. This is a nonnegotionable; it’s crucial to play whatever you want for your own enjoyment. Preferably pick something you can easily dance around to as you prep your food.

Step 4: Cook up a storm! Make what you want, just how you want it. This is for you; you don’t have to impress anyone besides yourself else with your mad (or nonexistent) skills in the kitchen. 

Step 5: Grab your favorite dishes and indulge in the goodies. Enjoy it; you earned this satisfactory moment. 

Step 6: This one’s up to your own interpretation. I would proceed to watch any of the following: a baseball game (baseball boys >>), Netflix (House of Cards >>), or How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (Kate Hudson >>). Get in some super comfy clothes and kick back, because after all, this is a night all for you. 


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