Welcome to Pure Fitness

I have talked about my journey with health before and how I have both struggled and succeeded. I think that everyone goes through waves in this arena of life; I have yet to meet somebody that has always been 100% confident in the way they eat/view themselves/appreciate their worth. I want to shed more light on the subject and make it a focal point of this blog, because I think that living a strong, healthy life and loving yourself is one of the most important things that anyone could choose to do for him or herself. I also know that not everything is perfect, though, and not everyday is a day that we’re proud of or a day that we accomplish great things. And that’s okay—in fact, that’s completely normal. It’s part of the process. The thing that makes me scratch my head in awe is the fact that no one ever seems to talk about these things—both the good and the bad. Why, though? It’s such a universal experience and wave of feelings.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if nobody else will talk about these things, which are often difficult and uncomfortable to discuss, then I will. I will stand on top of mountains and shout into the void that it is okay to struggle with the way we view ourselves and the choices we make for our health. It’s okay. It’s normal. I am here to inspire, push, and help others by sharing my own experiences, because what good is an untold story that’s sitting in the dark? Useless. Folks, these are things that I love, things I struggle with, and things I think this world could use a bit more education, discussion, and inspiration about. Welcome to a new chapter of Pure Bliss, it’s going to be more real, more genuine, and more fun than ever before. xx


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