Pure Bliss: The Best Day

So one of the best days happened. And I’m most definitely going to share it, because after all, this is a blog about my favorite things that bring me joy.

On Sunday, June 11, I woke up to the sound of my alarm, and for once, I felt pretty rested and ready to conquer the day. I got up and went to my first ever cycling class, which totally kicked my butt in the best way possible. Who knew riding a bike could be so much fun/so hard?! I sure didn’t… hence, having never gone to a spin class before. I left feeling even better than when I arrived, and I proceeded the morning fun by whipping up some delicious scrambled eggs.

Next, I went to work for six hours at the tennis desk. This part might sound a little odd, considering I’m describing one of my favorite days, and work wouldn’t fit under this umbrella for most people. Today, though, not only did I start reading Mindy Kaling’s book, Why Not Me?, but I finished the entire thing in my shift! It was wonderful. I laughed so hard so many times while reading because, let’s face it, Mindy Kaling is absolutely hilarious. I also realized I was getting paid to read a book, and how much better does it really get?

As I left work, I pulled out with my windows down, wind blowing in my hair, Walcott by Vampire Weekend blasting from my speakers, and the sun glistening on my face. It was one of those early evening skies with golden light that was just too beautiful to ignore. I quickly decided it was so nice that I was going to basque in the sunshine and get my tan on, so I laid in the wonderful Sunday evening sunlight for a few hours. To top off the night, I took a cat nap before hanging with some of my favorite people.

The thing that made the day so lovely is that I did so many of the things I love—I worked out, made my own breakfast, read a book on my “to read” list, enjoyed the sunset, and got to cap the day off with some great friends. The difference between being satisfied with your life and passively living each day is being conscious/mindful/aware of the good, enjoyable things that go down. I can assure you, they are there. Because in reality, life is just a collection of fleeting moments that we can either make the most of or let pass us by as we dream of “better days.” Seize the day, my friends. Okay, enough cheesy stuff… for now. xx


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