On Graduating

// Locker partner and coffee date and snuggle buddy and bff for 4+ years— thanks for getting me through high school //

// The future awaits //

// The fam bam ponies up #gostangs //

I slightly forgot to document a very large milestone in my life——graduating high school! Now that I’m officially done with tennis, I’m also officially done with Dowling Catholic High School. It’s starting to feel real that I’ve completed this chapter of my life, and I’m getting very excited for the next.

There are countless friends, teachers, teammates, and family members that helped me survive & enjoy high school, and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s weird to think that this is the end of such a big chunk of my life, but it’s the beginning of something much more wonderful than I can even comprehend——it truly is a time to celebrate. xx


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