Dear Julia

18 things I love about you today and every other day. Happy birthday, my dear.

1. Your heart. It is so big and so kind. I strive to have the same kind of gentleness that you share with everyone.

2. Your dance moves. Nothing makes me laugh or cheers me up like watching you dance to any and all types of music. You know how to get ~groovy.~

3. The way you make those around you feel welcome. It’s truly a gift, and I’m beyond blessed to be on the receiving end of it.

4. Your laugh. Anytime I hear it, I can’t help but join in, even if, 1) it’s not that funny, or 2) I don’t know why I’m laughing.

5. The way you throw yourself into any task. If you want to do something, I know there is absolutely nothing stopping you.

6. Your wanderlust. You want to explore, and you want to see the world. And guess what—soon, you will.

7. Your bravery. Speaking of seeing the world, you get to start with Oregon 🙂 Moving so far from every single one of your friends and family members isn’t an easy thing, yet you are walking into it with confidence and courage.

8. The way you’re able to manage multiple tasks at once. Your plate is almost always full with so many things, and you somehow manage to make it look easy.

9. Your humility. You are one of the most humble people I’ve ever met… Add together all your accomplishments, your stunning beauty, your personality, your future, your everything, and you can see that you’re slaying the game of life. But you never, ever bring any of it up or make anything about yourself. That is so rare. That is so admirable.

10. Your style. This corresponds with your personality so well… light hearted, thoughtful, unique, classy, and absolutely gorgeous.

11. Your intelligence. You are wicked smart. You naturally understand so much that’s taught to you in school, but outside, out in the real world, you’re just as, if not more, intelligent.

12. Your wisdom. No matter what situation I may be in, you always see the bigger picture and what I should or shouldn’t be worrying about. I am so thankful for that.

13. The way you lead others. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but so many people look up to you (including me) and you lead them in the right direction, always.

14. Your mature sense of self. You know yourself very well, and you know that you don’t have to be like everyone else. And thank goodness you’re not, because I love who you are.

15. The way you appreciate art. I’m so fortunate to have a bestie that loves making and looking at beautiful things as much as me. Your passions are quite lovely.

16. The way you would drop anything for any one of your friends at any moment. You care so deeply about the ones you love, and it’s such an outstanding quality.

17. Your facial expressions. There’s nothing like a Julia eyebrow raise—absolutely nothing. You crack me up and confuse me with some of the faces you make, and sometimes all both at once.

18. The way you carry yourself—with confidence, and grace, and class. You’re so beautiful in every way, and it reflects in the way you act, treat others, and work hard.


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