The Coolest People I Know: Ben Fox

Describe yourself in three words.
Weird. Predictable. Dancing.

What’s your favorite outfit?
Wait, what? People want to know this? Um, okay, but people are going to give me crap. The fact of the matter is it’s May, and even though that means mid 30’s and freezing rain here in the Twin Cities, it also means I’m looking forward to not wearing 3 layers on what feels like a daily basis. I’d have to go with my sky blue polo t-shirt with my white shorts and the brown leather sperry’s that snuck their way into my wardrobe (and my heart, for that matter) recently. Combine that with the black leather strap Fossil watch that I got a few weeks ago and I think we’re good. But that’s like a spring-summer hybrid outfit, and the reality is I live in a winter wonderland for 9 months a year. If I am being realistic, the outfit I like that I have to wear the most involves my khakis and white polo sneakers. I put that with my grey and navy hoodie, black outdoor vest, and a Minnesota Twins baseball cap if I’m feeling like it. Wow, I can’t believe I just talked about that.

Describe your ideal day.
If you are reading this article and are trying to see me as an interesting person, just go ahead and scroll right past this section. I’d also like to say that first off my average day would probably be a lot of people’s ideal day. I’m very lucky to be in the shoes that I am. I am in the process of obtaining a college degree, I have an awesome family that loves me, and I just have a lot going for me in general. That being said, I’d wake up in a Queen size or bigger bed, and BAM! Right on the bed stand a box of 6 Krispy Kreme doughnuts: 2 maple iced glazed, 2 chocolate iced with sprinkles, and 2 original glazed. Next to that box is a tall glass of double chocolate Nesquik. I’d probably read around my various sports websites for a little bit, and then head on over to the Waggoner residence and play 3 on 3 basketball for like 8 hours. I’d go to Buffalo Wild Wings and pick up a medium order of boneless wings that are half asian-zing, half sweet bbq with a side of buffalo chips. Then I’d go to Taco Bell just to get my hands on a Mountain Dew baja blast. To cap off the night, I’d sit in my basement and watch my top 3 favorite all-time John Candy movies. Which are, in order: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; Uncle Buck; and Spaceballs.

What’s something important to you?
My self-image. My family and my God are the most important to me, but one thing that sticks out to me a lot is how I perceive myself. One of the worst things you can feel as a person is feeling like you’ve let someone down, or that you’re not good enough for certain people. There have been many days where I just don’t feel worth it, that other people are always going to be better than me, and it kills my motivation and my energy. Negative feelings like this can sometimes take over, and it can kind of start this domino effect that impacts other aspects of your life. I’ve had to learn to accept who I am, and in that I’ve learned that nobody can do me better than I can. Engaging in self-comparison is a dangerous song-and-dance, so I’m trying my best to become comfortable in my own skin. Some people still won’t think I’m good enough, and some will still shut me out. The reality is, that’s okay. I see it as very important to try and keep my self image positive, so I can go about my average day in a more pleasant manner. I tend to be a person that over-analyzes every single little thing that happens around me, and because of it I can get really down over things that may be insignificant. Self-image is a constant battle, and I’m fortunate to be surrounded by people who foster positivity within me. How I see myself really drives my happiness, so I just try my best to do the things and find the people who lift me up.

Three songs you could listen to on repeat?
Heard ‘Em Say- Kanye West
90210- Wale
Old Ways- Chiddy Bang

Well, he nailed the three word self description. But I’m going to have to add a few… unique & genuine. Mr. Fox (yes, his last name is literally like the red, furry critter, although he himself is not), is a one-of-a-kind human being. I’ve never met anyone like him, and I hope I never do, because he’s a special one. I’m very thankful for a friend that’s as, if not more, weird than me, but above all, is always there whenever I need to be grounded in reality, to have my ego knocked down, or to laugh so hard it hurts. xx


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