Silver Linings

So there I was: chillin’ on a plane on the last leg of traveling home from Florida, thinking that we’d almost made it. My throat hurt like a brat, and I was ready to take a five hour nap in my own bed (update: that did happen). You can probably imagine my disappointment when the captain announced there were technical problems with the plane and maintenance would have to come fix them. Fine. Whatever. Probably just a small delay. Yeah… nope.

Apparently, maintenance was swamped, and we needed to deplane. We had an hour to kill in the Chicago airport, which wasn’t horrible——I just didn’t feel good. As my family sat at some greasy sports bar to pass the time, I looked up to see one of my dearest friends on the planet walk by. I hadn’t seen him in months, and I was absolutely thrilled, so you can now probably imagine the speed and agility I displayed as I jumped up and barreled over to him.

If that delay wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have gotten ten minutes with a true friend. And the last time I checked, ten minutes > no minutes. I mean, what are the odds I would run into someone I know, let alone a cool cat like Ben, in the Chicago O’Hare Aiport when I technically wasn’t even supposed to be there? As I walked away to (finally) board my flight, he said something that stuck out to me. He raised his hand in a floppy wave, tilted his head and casually said, “until next time.” Until next time, my friend.

Sometimes things happen in weird ways, and you’re frustrated because your plans get messed up. This experience confirmed my belief that we are not in control of our lives, as much as we want to be. “Until next time.” Who knows when next time will be——and that’s the beauty of life. No one knows, and despite our best plans and efforts, nothing is ever guaranteed. So until next time, I will enjoy these silver linings.


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