Senior Spring Break

// First glance I got at the ocean //

// A nautical afternoon with my girlfriends //

// Can’t go anywhere without finding & using a court or two // 

// The definition of a “good morning” //

// All day, everyday // 

My first trip to the ocean was a success! (Yes, I’m 18 and it was my first time on a beach… talk to my parents about that one.) The past week was easily one of the best of my life, and it wouldn’t have been the same without my lovely pals and the stunning beauty of the wildlife I’ve never seen before. From early morning walks on the beach, bike rides with girlfriends, sunrise tennis matches, coffee + breakfast sandwiches, to epic afternoon volleyball matches, sitting (read——burning) in the infectious sunshine all day, riding the waves, paddle boarding, hunting for shells, group dinners, night time expeditions, cuddling up in sweatshirts by the fire pit… it was better than any senior spring break I could’ve dreamt up. It’s safe to say I’m extremely blessed and saw that play out in so many ways over the past week. xx


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