Do It For You

1// Where I feel my best //

I’m a firm believer that our happiness is in our own hands. No one else controls how we feel… they might say or do something that brings up certain feelings, but they don’t control us. And if you can’t make yourself happy, what are you really doing for yourself?

As much as certain things might really suck, hurt, or shock us, feelings are a blessing. If the bad times weren’t so horrible, the good ones wouldn’t be so incredible. Embracing the way things affect us is hard, especially when it’s negative, but as I’ve learned this year, being open to reflection is important.

If there’s something that makes it hard for you to love yourself, you have the power to change it. As one of my all time favorite (and most cliche) quote says, “No one is stopping you except you.” Tired of getting a bad grade on the physics quiz? Study, talk to the teacher——go after it. Tired of the way you feel slow & tired 24/7? Drink more water, get to bed 30 minutes earlier——prioritize your health. Tired of all aspects of life in general? Go for a walk, explore new music——mix everything up.

It’s amazing how much more vivid life can be if you decide to treat yourself well. It’s not selfish, and it’s not weird——it’s crucial to your well being. Do the things you need to do in order to be and feel your best. Don’t do it for others; do it for you. xx


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