Checking In


After writing about my health revolution here, I think it’s time to check in and talk about something that’s very important to me.

Working with Kelly Timmerman over the past year has been both extremely life giving and extremely life changing. I’m so thankful for her eagerness to help people like me——people that know they can do better and want to be their best selves. Without the education, encouragement, and environment she provides, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Letting the world tell you how to look and comparing yourself to others is one of the biggest traps that our society has created. You will always find someone thinner, thicker, curvier, taller, shorter, more/less athletic or whatever else than you——everyone is so different. Even when we take care of ourselves and correctly fuel our bodies, no two people will ever look exactly alike. Growing to accept that truth is a victory that I want to help as many people claim as possible.

This is the prime time for us to check in. It’s mid-January, and New Year’s resolutions are starting to take a back seat (if they haven’t already). How is it only January 16th, you ask, when it feels like it’s been an eternity? Maybe the goals you set for yourself are starting to feel a little bit unrealistic, considering it’s only been 16 days and this mountain feels invincible.

Well, let me be the first to tell you that no matter how far you feel that you’ve fallen, you can always, always, always get right back on track and conquer those goals. A couple slip ups shouldn’t deter you from your plan all together——you can do it! Everyone falls; it’s the moment after that that truly defines the lives we live.

If I’m really craving ice cream or I’m just itching to dive into some chips & guac, do you want to know what I do? I go for it! This is my life, and I’m supposed to actually live it. Being healthy doesn’t mean completely cutting everything fun and delicious out of your life——it just means knowing when to say yes and when to say no. Balancing your decisions is a crucial part of any health journey. Nobody is perfect, so you shouldn’t expect yourself to be, either.

Long story short, no matter what your resolution was a few weeks back, there’s still time to improve, continue, or begin. It’s always a good idea to step back and reflect on the lives we’re living. Are we proud of the people we’re being? Are we actively working towards our goals? Are we supporting others as they work towards theirs? Whatever the answers may be, we can always improve. But above all, we can always love ourselves, no matter where we’re at. xx


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