As November comes to a close, I am left a little bit speechless. Time has been cruising in the fast lane. The fall season is officially over, and that brings both joyous and sorrowful emotions to heart. This month showed me that the ordinary routines we fall into are dangerous yet vital (a super stark contradiction, I know).

Getting in a rut with what you’re doing doesn’t help creativity or relationships. You must constantly be pushing yourself to go out of your comfort zone to do things you’ve always wanted to do or give more effort to the people you feel you unintentionally leave slacking.

Routine is also a great way to incorporate small changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle. This month I started plugging my phone in by my door, instead of right next to my bed. Even though I considered myself healthily detached from my phone, I noticed there were many moments I could be sleeping when I would instead decide to look at one more picture or post or whatever else. I gave myself three nights of a “trial run” to see if moving the location of where my phone charged overnight would actually help me in any way. The result: ding, ding, ding, I was right on——shifting the location changed so much. This simple, healthy routine that I implemented impacted not only the quantity, but quality, of my sleep. No more groggy mornings or hitting the snooze button (well, at least not hitting it seven times like I would before). These types of routines are necessary in becoming our best selves.

Mostly, this month taught me to take a step back and breathe not only every once in awhile, but every day. With a busy few weeks ahead, taking a couple minutes to put everything in perspective is crucial to keeping my sanity. Clearly time can’t be frozen, but there are things I can do to enjoy school, tennis, family, faith, and friends more. With November 2016 behind us, whether I want it or not, it’s time to bring on the holidays. xx


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