Goodbye, Cheerleading

1// A fitting scene before we took off for our last game in Cedar Falls: gloomy and bitterly cold //

2// The gems in the student section that kept me smiling all season long //

3// A reminder that made this game even more bittersweet //

4//A freshman year friend that came back in my life for this final cheer season //

Wowza! It’s so strange to think that I am done with cheerleading… forever. It was a childhood dream of mine to stand on the football field in the sparkly uniforms and cheer for the football team. Somehow, this dream of mine came true. It’s crazy that four years later and standing on the other side of that dream, it’s over. Time flies when you’re having fun.

The truth is, not every moment was fun. Not every summer morning practice or Thursday night goody-bag deliverance was met with “joy.” Not every single thing can be fun… it just can’t. My heart wasn’t all in it; I loved cheering and I loved fulfilling this dream of mine, but I could never get myself to fully commit to cheerleading. I can’t tumble, I’m not what you would call “flexible,” and I’m not an extraordinary stuntman.

But here’s another truth: cheerleading is one of the aspects of high school I will remember the most. I will always cherish the moments in front of the student section when our team scored another touchdown. I will never forget the way hundreds of people jumped up when we won the playoff game that took us to state, and I will certainly never be able to erase the emotion in the UNIdome as we won the fourth consecutive state championship. Being a part of such a victorious, passionate school is something I will carry with me, and that is why I loved cheerleading. Putting four years into an activity makes leaving it behind bittersweet. I am forever grateful to have sported the uniform and been a cheerleader; I am even more grateful for the experiences and opportunities brought along with it.


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