Field Trips Are for High Schoolers Too

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Dear School Administrators:

I am here to inform you that field trips are an extremely beneficial use of time for students of all ages——including seniors in high school. I think it’s kind of assumed that most seniors know what they’re doing next year and/or know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. That accusation is the opposite of true, believe it or not.

Last week, I went on a field trip with my school’s art department to explore multi media classes at DMACC. Previously, after a lot of internal debate, I had ruled art out of my college experience. After this field trip, though, I stood corrected.

We had the privilege of touring a corporation downtown that took us on sets where Better Homes & Garden shoots take place. My eyes were opened to the creative world of magazine production and all that goes along with it. This experience completely changed my view of what I’m capable of doing in the future——my career can be something I’m super passionate about.

This realization wouldn’t have happened without the opportunity to go out into the world and witness people hard at work. There is extreme value in both field trips and job shadowing professionals. I think it should be required for students to job shadow, or even if it’s not required, the option should be available and encouraged. There is power in walking alongside somebody that loves their job and learning the ins and outs of their industry. Field trips aren’t an elementary concept; I would even dare to say that high schoolers need them more——we’re facing a crucial line of decisions.

Real world experience beats almost anything, and I think field trips help kids of all ages learn things they can’t quite grasp in the classroom. Thank you for considering my words.

Anna Rose


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