It’s beginning to shift season a little bit. The heart of fall is behind us, and winter awaits. That sounds so simple and honestly really boring, but there’s a lot of magic in this transition.

I’m currently wearing grey pants, my classic Sperrys, my go-to olive/cable knit cardigan, and favorite shades, and you know what——I feel cozy. I feel at home in this uniform, no matter where I am. That’s what I think the ultimate goal of style boils down to: finding a wardrobe that empowers you to feel comfortable and at home no matter where you go.

My family is outside stringing Christmas lights on the evergreens in our front yard, and the air is finally crisp. Caribou brings a certain comfort of season, and their drive-thru is an extremely familiar path.

Muted light glimmers between doorways and invites people to come inside; it’s the season of cozy thoughts and feelings. Blankets, movie nights, and hot chocolate are at the top of my to-do list.

This is a time of familiarity and for making time amidst the pre-holiday craze to love yourself. Take a few minutes out of your afternoon to simply sit and breathe. Read a magazine. Watch an episode of on Netflix. Get a coffee. Go to yoga. Whatever it is that helps you de-stress, make a time for it——you won’t simply “find” it in the hectic schedule. You’ll have to make it a priority to love yourself a little more in these weeks so you can love others to the best of your ability, but it’s beyond worth it. xx


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