Rise & Shine


There is something extremely exquisite to me about getting up before the world seems to be awake. I’ve found so much clarity on tennis courts, and it’s fitting that I get to spend more time on them this year——especially many early mornings. This is go time; it’s the time to put everything I’ve got on court. My senior tennis season won’t be left with any regrets.

After countless hours on court, I’ve found that it’s best to appreciate each individual moment or practice so that I can get the most out of my time. I set out to get in some practice and conditioning early last Saturday morning, and I was overjoyed by this sight: the twinkling light, cool breeze, stretches of shade, and the occasional rustle of leaves dancing next to my feet. I couldn’t help but snap a pic and share this moment.

Setting goals is something that should be, in my opinion, a standard for almost everyone. Who doesn’t want to see where a little (or a lot) of extra work can take them? Dreams don’t just happen; the small goals are what get us there. Determining a simple goal for yourself is a victory in itself, for you must know yourself and what you want in order to start anything. Accomplishment wouldn’t be as sweet if it were handed to us on a silver platter. Our blood, sweat, and tears are what make everything pay off in the end; they carry us through and guide us towards success. Anyone can set a goal, and anyone can achieve what they put their minds to. You can do it; I know you can.

Start small——say no to a couple sweet treats this week, recycle your water bottles, smile at more people you encounter, journal every day for ten minuets——these things you want to change will create habits of striving to attack your goal. You can do it; you are cut out to achieve your dreams. But we must start somewhere——and somewhere starts today. xx


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