Why It’s Important for Men to Smell Good

1// A total joke of a picture——If I were writing a serious caption for it, it would go something like this: “Eighth grade Anna Rose attempts to wink in her fake, oversized glasses. Little does she know, this photo would come in handy years later when writing a blog post about the way men smell!” //

Ahh. The beloved topic of body odor. Now, just to make this clear——this isn’t a topic I think about often. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I actually gave serious thought to the way people smell. That is, until Monday’s physics class.

As you can imagine, after completing a quiz over Isaac Newton’s first & second laws, I felt about 96% brain dead and decided to put my head on my desk. Naturally, my eyes began to droop shut, and before you know it, I was barely awake, let alone alive after the quiz.

People began breezing by to hand in their quizzes, and one of the most profound things happened: the air that whisked my direction after people slid by made me perk up. WOWZA! There were some good smelling people in sixth period physics! Kudos to whoever those people were——my nap was significantly improved thanks to the sweet & strong scented people moving past me.

There is almost nothing more pleasant to a woman’s nostrils than the aroma of quality cologne. The way a guy smells really does have an impact on the way he is perceived (don’t worry, your great personality counts too!). There’s something comforting about a clean, bold scent. I Here’s my mantra: “B.O. means you’ve gotta go.” Okay, I’m slightly kidding, but it rhymes, so I had to share.

To all the men out there: please know you’ve already won half the battle by squirting on two pumps (or God willing, at least one) of cologne. Most women aren’t picky. Just do something. I promise you, it works miracles.


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