Fly the W

1// As the Cubs claimed the title of world champs, we snapped this selfie, and to be honest——I can’t wait to show my future kids this pic of my brother and me the night history was made someday. //

Holy. Moly. The. Cubs. Are. World. Champions. One hundred and eight years later, the Cubbies have done it!!!!! What a team, what a staff, and what a fan base.

As a little girl, growing up and watching the Cubs at my grandparent’s house was almost a daily occurrence. The words “Oh, maybe next year,” and “They’re the Cubs, did you actually expect them to win?” were also daily occurrences. I spent so much time talking about and watching baseball with my family that I’ve developed a strong passion for it. I’d also developed a mindset that the Cubs would take many more years to claim a World Series title.

Tonight, all of those negative mentalities were washed away from not only my childhood, but the world’s view of this team. When Grandpa Ross starts to tear up in the dugout during the tenth inning, you know something big is about to happen.

It’s fitting that I witnessed this victory in the place where it all began: my grandparent’s house. The last out in the bottom of the tenth wouldn’t have been as sweet if I didn’t get to hug my Granny and scream with my brother as the Cubs won the World Series (I repeat: THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!).

I can’t wait to see what big things this team does next; but for tonight, all I can say is: Hey Chicago, what do you say, the CUBS ARE WORLD CHAMPS TODAY!!!


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