Life always keeps moving; being unhappy or feeling alone doesn’t last. Something will always change——the season, the weather, the people surrounding you, the music on the radio——and you will find yourself with new plans and new ideas and new places to go.

In the face of a challenge, sometimes things can seem impossible. They can seem unstoppable, unmoving, unpleasant. But the thing is, there’s this thing called perspective. Take a step back and look at one season or one month or one part of your life and view it as one single part of your existence, not the only part of who you are. How much does it matter to you? Will it matter in five weeks? Five months? Five years? These questions always evoke interesting trails of reflection.

Another lovely aspect of perspective: not one thing defines anyone. If I were simply defined as a cheerleader, that wouldn’t be fair. I’m so much more; I’m all the things I love and the way I treat others and the way I work for my goals. Everyone is more than what they do, and it can be hard to remember that——especially in high school. But hey, perspective is a pretty handy tool in making the frustrating situations seem small.


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