Who I Am


I’ve found that I’m constantly growing into myself. And as I sit in one of my favorite places, Greenwood Park, there are a few things I’m sure of:

I am style guru and find bountiful joy in pulling together a groovy outfit. Sperry Topsiders might be my all time favorite pair of shoes——classic tan, of course. If everything in my closet could be olive green, I’d be content——but throw in some plaid and I’d be an even happier camper. I feel most comfortable in my chunky vests, faded chambray shirt, and cozy cable knit sweaters——I like fall, can’t you tell? I’ve realized I’m “preppy,” but I’d like to think that I throw in a dash of classic style.

I love going out of my way to spend even just a few minutes in places that make me feel most alive: downtown and south of Grand.
I prefer Caribou over Starbucks and forever wish I grew up with a cat.
I crave nights spent in with my family, but I also rave about going out with my girlfriends (preferably downtown, wink wink).
I take pride in opening my arms for friends that need a hug, and I have endless gratitude for the that do the same for me.
I’m full of wanderlust and am always planning my next adventure, but I don’t think there’s absolutely anywhere else like home.
I’m passionate about taking care of my health, and I also celebrate & praise outstanding desserts whenever I come across them.
I love myself equally when I don’t have a lick of makeup on versus when I get glammed up, and I love the acceptance I have for myself.
I could sit in bed searching Spotify all day long, but I’d rather be dancing around the kitchen to the songs instead.
I’m an avid writer and have always had a fire within to share my thoughts through written words, even though nothing stresses me out more than essays and formal papers.
I write in a worn, line-less journal that says “SKETCH” on the front, even though sketching isn’t my forte.
My handwriting describes my personality: neat when needed and carefree whenever possible.
I’m a night owl and find myself at peak production after nine pm but also value my mornings awake as the sun rises.

I guess you could say I’m full of contradictions or am a living oxymoron, but this is me for ya. I’m fully Anna Rose, fully okay with it, and fully aware I’ll never stop learning these unique details about myself. This is who I am. xx


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