Pure Bliss Moments

1// Downtown: the place I feel the most complete. I always long to go downtown, and when I’m there, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. I suppose you could call me a city girl. //

2// Pre-game planning. The anxiety before game six was pretty high. And then it happened. History = made. This crazy Cubs fan = crazy. My family after the double play in the ninth inning of game six = crazy. I’ve been a Cubs fan for as long as I can remember; I’d spend childhood afternoons that turned into summer evenings at my Granny’s house watching the team that just couldn’t seem to Fly the W. But now, my, oh my, we’re going to the World Series, baby!!! //

4// Back to the place where it all began and the place I find myself constantly growing… Tomorrow marks the beginning of my last journey through high school tennis. The hours of time spent on court, near a court, or driving to courts with my coaches, partners, and team mates will never be forgotten. I’m determined to make this my best year yet, even if the scores don’t show it. This year isn’t just for me, it’s for the ones that have been there with me all along. Long live the tennis family I’ve grown up with and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. //


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