As of Late

One of my close friends recently talked about how change is scary and how picking a college is a big decision and how it all seems so overwhelming right now.

And I agree; it is overwhelming. Change is hard when you’re looking at it from this side of things: friends are great, family is great, high school is comfortable and life is going well. What more could you need?

It’s kind of like when we started high school, though, and many people thought it would be overwhelming and intimidating, but now here we are, four years later and we’ve (almost) made it. You adjust; you grow; you learn. That’s what will happen once again and what will continue to happen for the rest of our lives. Without change we’d be stuck in square one, and I don’t think anyone wants that.

We’ve still got time, but eventually the inevitable change will occur. As for now, the friends and family and comfort of familiarity are here to stay, even if just for a while. xx


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