Ingrid Slays Again

1// The queen herself singing “The Way I Am,” one of my all time fav songs //

2// A snapshot of the set change + her band kicking butt and taking names——seriously, they were so good. //

Ingrid Michaelson. Queen. One in the same. What a musician that lady is. I saw her perform in Omaha this weekend, and my, oh my, was it insane.

From the moment she opened with “Light Me Up” off of her new album, I had chills. The tears were real, folks. Not only did I know every song she played, I loved every one so dang much. Her setlist was absolute fire.

There’s something about live music that really, really resonates with me, and I know a lot of people feel the same way. I think there’s something to be said for people that write honest lyrics and choose to share them with crowds where hundreds of people relate to them on totally different and similar levels. Even if it’s just for a song, it brings everyone together. They’re experiences words can’t accurately describe; concerts leave me speechless (well, the good ones, atleast).

I saw Ingrid perform in July with an acoustic set, but this headline tour was something on a whole other level. She blew me away (again), and I feel more complete having experienced that. Shoutout Ingrid Michelson for amazing concerts that will bring me nothing but good memories, and for incredible music that will remind me of them forever. xx


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