Welp.. The annual five day conference break is here. Each year it’s been so iconic in that stage of my life: freshman year = trying to hang out with people I throught were “cool,” sophomore year = time with one specific boy, junior year = recovering from (my second round of) mono, and so far senior year = laying low and refueling. The past two days have honestly been the best days and nights I’ve had in a while…. Family time, shopping, lunch dates, reading in bed, late night showers + Jack Johnson, and time for me. There’s something about taking time to do things you always want to do but feel too busy to fit in that shows a level of self appreciation like no other. So far this weekend has been just that. Hanging with yourself is honestly one of the most fun ways to spend time: if you don’t have fun on your own, who can you truly have fun with? Enjoy the small moments of pure joy & pure bliss; they’re there if you choose to acknowledge them. xx


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