It recently crossed my mind how inspiring and life giving the cross country program is. Some of my nearest & dearest friends have been on the team for four years, two years, or even a whopping one year, and there’s nothing but praise and compliments for the sport. I’ve never attended a cross country meet, nor have I given much thought about why everyone on the team loves it so much……. until last week. That’s when I witnessed a sense of family unlike any other, and I feel compelled to share.

First of all, I was super late, super lost, and super confused–all bad things to be while aimlessly driving alone thirty minutes from your house. But somehow I made my way and was soon in the presence of some of my favorite people in the world.

From the very first second I was around these wickedly strenuous athletes (@ you Liv & Jew), it was clear they were there for more than the running itself. In fact the running was probably the last thing they really cared about; they were literally screaming their lungs out cheering on their team mates as they crossed the finish line. My friends have always talked about how they do that, but being there with them was something entirely different; it was surreal. The support they provide for one another can sound simple or cheesy or obvious, but you won’t understand it until you witness it– I sure didn’t.

I have so much respect for the leadership the seniors and my friends have shown to the underclassmen, and I have so much respect for doing something to better yourself & better the lives of those around you. Cross country really is one of the most under appreciated sports at DCHS, and I’m glad this year I finally got a glimpse of why the team raves about the sport and the family within it.


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