As thirty two of us trecked over to Sioux City for just “another game,” something profound surfaced. 

We’re all here, in the same place. We’re all doing the same thing, yet we’re each in totally different places in our minds. We each have our own lives and our own worries and dreams and hopes for the future, and maybe even for right now. Do any of us really want to spend a Friday night driving six hours on a bus to go cheer for the twenty parents that showed to support the 69-9 victory? Not really. But it’s in these moments that we put everything else aside and just live. And dance. And love. And laugh. And sing (riff off on the ride home–iconic). We’re coming up on some of the last times we can simply just be young, and it’s so endearing to see us come together to make the dreaded moments the ones we’ll never forget. xx


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