The Coolest People I Know: Haley Egan


Welcome to my most recent, most favorite, series on the blog, titled “The Coolest People I Know.” I couldn’t help but kick it off with one of my favorite people of all time. I asked Ms. Egan a few questions and was blown away by the her-ness of the responses. Read on to find out why I love this girl so much.

Describe yourself in three words.
Happy, family-oriented, chocolate-lover (I don’t know if this counts as three)

What is something important to you?
Lifewise, keeping a healthy amount of self awareness and really loving who I am. For that to happen, I have to surround myself with people that truly better me out of love and selflessness. I am lucky enough to be just 17 and already know so many people who are genuinely good, in the truest, most organic, sense of the word. But, in a way that is relevant to this blog, a good jacket with the right shoe. Other than that, I really just wear the same white plain t-shirts and jeans.

What does your ideal life look like?
I wanna wake up on a Sunday and read a really good book. On something that actually matters to me; from something informative like The Alchemist, Alice, Milk and Honey, Diary of an Oxygen Thief, all the way to something scandalous like Crazy Rich Asians, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and NYC Style Guide. I wanna sit on my screen porch drinking my Twinings Irish Tea (or Caramel creamer’d coffee depending on the mood) while in all white comfy pajamas in a great chair. Then as I start to smell the pancakes and begin to hear my kids laughing inside, I hope to look out at the raging ocean and be really thankful. Thankful to be able to write and draw and do whatever it is that I love, that allows me to have a family. I hope I am a writer honestly. I want to be a doctor for the money, but writing is my passion. I think about my husband, along with my career. I want that kind of extraordinary love. The kind like the movies, that makes my kids believe in true love.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned in high school?
Do not do things because other people do. DO NOT buy the clothes everyone else is wearing if you don’t like them. DO NOT have a boyfriend because everyone else has one. DO NOT stop caring about school because your friends lose motivation. (Growing up I was 7th percentile. Out of 100. 7. I am now over 4.0 and tryna go Pre-Med. MOTIVATE YO-SELF, DO IT FO U) DO NOT do things for a boy if you don’t want to or aren’t comfortable with it. DO NOT be friends with people to be cool. Freshman year was the hardest year of my life. How many friends did I have? 1-Ella Dryer s/0 you. My entire “picture perfect” family just took a fat one in the ass and fell apart. Then, I went through about 6 months where I really wanted to end my own life. But, sophomore year came around. My four best friends from middle school were like “wait can we please just be friends like we were before?” me: “yeah sure” *internally* heck yes omg friends I have friends. This brings about another DO NOT. DO NOT compare your body to someone else’s. I am still struggling with this. Just this past summer I was like screw this. I am tired of not liking what I see in the mirror. I am tired of people telling me I carry weight sensually and sexually, on my hips and my butt. CAUSE YA KNOW WHAT, it’s not a compliment. It just sexualizes me as a person and gives me an excuse to be unhealthy (plus I had a belly)! So, I joined cross country and lost weight. AND YA KNOW WHAT? I’M FEELIN IT. After hating my body, hating every early morning run before work at 5 am in the summer, after literally almost shitting my pants while running on multiple occasions, shedding tears as Lark rubs out my shins, I get this. This is self love that I created for myself. I DON’T do things because other people do them now. I do things because I want to. I am friends with people because I love their souls, their entire being, their genuine ora they give off in their goodness. I am dating a boy (sup ohall) because he is the absolute sweetest dude I have ever met. He introduced me to new worldviews, and music and fashion and family ideals; allowing me to grow as an individual while widening my point of view. The dude brings me ice cream when I am down and got me a giant teddy bear to sleep with and makes me feel like I am something kinda awesome. I didn’t even know him last November because we were in different friend groups. You have to allow yourself to know everyone and do not limit yourself in experiences or loves or feelings because you are scared to break out. BE SCARED! IT’S A FUN RIDE.

For my seventeenth birthday, Haley’s birthday card held the fewest words but the most sentiment of any. “Happy Birthday, Anna Rose. I love you more than you know.” For some reason when I read that, I just knew. I knew the love was there and greater than I could understand. I’m forever thankful Haley inspires me everyday with her confidence and clarity to be exactly who she is: a masterpiece. I love you Hales.


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