Dear Samuel


It is both a pleasure and a hardship to write this letter and bid you farewell.
I keep your senior recital program in my journal; I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. I’ll never forget that performance and how you moved me to tears countless times. That’s what I love about you——you’re always inspiring me. Thank you for being such a bright light in a world of doubt and confusion.
I’ve learned more from you than most people in my life, and what I’ve learned from you is so different and close to my heart. Do you what you love, and be who you are. So easy to say, yet so hard to do, and somehow you manage to do it. I absolutely adore who you are and am forever grateful that you stumbled into my life this past year. God bless yearbook.
I hope you know how much you’ve impacted me and how much I look to you and value this friendship. You’re going to do absolutely huge things in this world. I”m always here back home for you. Forever, my dear, I’ll love you.

xoxo Anna Rose


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