Pure Bliss Moments

// 6:08 AM & 8:35 PM //

The first pic of the day vs. the last. Post workout vs. pre rest. Alone time to recharge vs. a family rendezvous. Different yet the same; two soul nourishing moments, two exhibits of pure bliss.

There’s something about rising before the sun and keeping those quiet, soft moments to myself that lights my soul on fire. I never regret waking up to work on myself and get a head start days on that could otherwise go south; I create a worthy beginning for myself.

And there’s something about watching the US Open in my living room every September that inspires me like very few other things. The lighting of the night beginning to fall and the sparkle of the lights on Arthur Ashe Stadium bubbles an excitement deep in my being. The repetition of sitting in the same spot every year is both nostalgic and invigorating. Regardless of who’s playing or what things may vary in life, the love of the game and the passion of these two weeks never changes. 

And I’ve noticed that I’m in love with the lighting of certain moments; the early mornings or when the night begins to fade or who I spend those transitions with. I’m always striving to improve the world around me and make the best of these beautifully lit beginnings & ends, because sharing light among one another is what will illuminate the pure bliss within each of us. 


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