// a plane ride with my grandpa from early on this summer…. waaaay up I feel blessed // 

I discovered this summer that there are few things that make me happier than getting up in the morning and working out. Something about starting my day off with myself, for myself, improving myself makes me feel strong, and slightly like a thug, chic gym-goer. The ideal time for this process to begin in my book is between 8-10, but with school everyday I’ve had to move it up to 5 or 5:30. I know–extremely, earth-shatteringly early. And I should hate it, I really should, but nothing fuels me more. I lalalalove it. So anyways, this morning I went to a class at 5:30 and came home to get ready for my day, and I was listening to my favorite favorite favorite artist, Jack Johnson (haven’t met a song of his I don’t like), thinking how much I adore the mornings–they’re new beginnings that reset every single day. Each morning is a new opportunity, and despite our best efforts and plans, we truly don’t know what will happen in the next 24 hours. I couldn’t help but feel inspired. And when I get inspired, I write it down or illustrate it in my handy dandy art journal, which one day I hope to publish. Upon my arrival home, I showered, cuddled up in bed with a pink felt pen and sketchbook, and let the words, thoughts, and inspirations  flow out of me. Below is one of my favorite poems that I can’t help but share, and I’m excited to see what else results from my early morning adventures. 

Sitting at my window, eager for a new day to unfold 

I can’t move forward unless I accept what’s happened 

But more difficult than that, accept who’s happened

I am here now at the horizon of this new day, testing my strength 

Today is going to unfold and I am going to find myself a little more 

And instead of pain, my past loves will prepare me for what’s coming 

It’s time to move forward 



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