So Senior

“Have you taken senior pics yet?!” “When are you taking senior pics?” “How many outfits are you wearing?” “What are you wearing?” “Who’s taking your pictures?” 

The talk of the summer… the small talk, of course. I didn’t really give much thought to any of this stuff until my shoot (quickly) approached and I found myself in Von Maur with my mom the morning of scrambling to find an outfit. I also didn’t give much thought to how the session would turn out or where we would go or whatever else went along with the experience. All I knew was that I was pumped to spend time with my photographer, Justin Meyer, and hopefully get a few good shots.
The find came and in the blink of an eye the night was over and somehow my family ended up getting dessert with this crazy creative & incredible man that had just spent a few hours photographing me. I am so fortunate to work on getting these “iconic” pics with such a talented photographer, but more than that, to spend time with someone so down to earth and talk about the real things– the things that people don’t like to discuss–the passions and heartbreaks and realities and excitements and faith of the world. I truly valued the authenticity of the art of what was going on, but more so of the person that was creating it. Nothing leaves a bigger impression on me than being genuine in all that one does and says, and I couldn’t be happier with how this translated into my senior pics. I mean, who goes out to get dessert with their photographer after a three hour shoot? Not many fellas. So blessed to have such a positive and unique creative role model. 

Here are some of my faves from the night….. I can’t believe these are the “senior pics” everyone talks about; it doesn’t feel real, but I guess it’s a reflection of this year– it’ll be surreal. 


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